[Twisted-web] Multithread SSL

Yann Pomarede yann.pomarede_twisted at gadz.org
Wed Jun 24 15:03:05 EDT 2009


I used Twisted to write some kind of proxy and it's working great,
it's so easy to develop and understand.

But I have a problem. I use SSL (on both side of this app) and the
bandwidth available is limited to the power of one of my CPU due to
the high cost of the SSL encryption.
I would like to use both core of my CPU to increase the bandwidth of
this application but it does not seem easy to do.

# Here is the server definition in myapp.tac
from twisted.application import internet, service
application = service.Application('MyApp', uid=1001, gid=1001)
internet.SSLServer(80, serverFactory, MySSLContext(), 50,

# And here the clients connections
from twisted.internet import reactor, ssl
mySSLContext = ssl.ClientContextFactory()
mySSLContext.method = SSL.SSLv23_METHOD
reactor.connectSSL(self.HOST, self.PORT, self, mySSLContext)

Does anyone already have this kind of problem? Is there an easy way to
multithread the SSL encryption part?

Thank you,
Yann from France.

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