[Twisted-web] how do I handle file upload (on the server) using twisted.web

Chenglim Ear chenglim at imeem.com
Thu Sep 18 21:03:34 EDT 2008

I have an http server set up using twistd.  I searched for some answers
on the web and saw something regarding getting the uploaded file from
request.content.  I tried calling  request.content.read and did not get
the file uploaded.  I was able to see something  if I call
request.content.seek(0) first, but the information is just the name of
the input field and the filename of the file that I uploaded.  Am I
forgetting to do something to ensure that the file is actually
transferred?  If somebody can point me to information about what's
available from the "request" object and how to use it, especially to
extract the uploaded file, that would really be helpful.



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