[Twisted-web] Post binary files

shad shad at zaphod.eu
Mon Jul 21 09:48:49 EDT 2008


I use python twisted web to do a simple web service that serves some streams.
I process client requests in RequestHandler inherited from
http.Request, exactly as described in most of examples.

My webservice has to be able to receive file streams.
For example, if I post a file at the uri /toto, a user can get this
stream at the same uri. The stream has not to be bufferized, it's sent
if someone reads it or not.

When I read http.Request methods, I can see that POST data are stored
in a simple dict. And in my case, the server will grow up in memory.
So my question is: Is there an official way to handle streams in
twisted.web or must I use twisted.web2 ?


Samuel Alba

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