[Twisted-web] nevow's loaders.xmlfile returning XML

Abdul-Wahid Paterson abdulwahid at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 04:08:36 EDT 2008


> My guess is that you either have two templates that have html tags or
> that you are loading one template with an html tag twice and then putting
> one inside the other.  Nevow won't stop you from doing this, even though
> in most cases, the result isn't very sensible.

Yes you are right. I found the problem was in the code that someone
else wrote and committed to CVS. They had put something in the
authentication system that was also including HTML.

BTW, where can I find some good documenation on nevow.guard so I can
fix the authentication system? I looked at the code the other
developer wrote but was a bit confused about how guard is working and
couldn't find anything use by googling.



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