[Twisted-web] Formless

Vincent Bernat bernat at luffy.cx
Fri Sep 7 14:31:15 EDT 2007

Hi !

I  have looked  at  formless to  design  forms. There  are  two kind  of
examples. The  ones that use  annotate.TypedInterface. With this  one, I
don't   see   how   to   associate   some  actions   in   the   concrete
implementation. For example, suppose that  I want to be able to register
some observers. Or should I implement __setattr__ for each attribute ?

The  second  ones use  bind_*  method.  Attaching  actions is  far  more
easier. However, I don't know how  to change labels. By default, it uses
the  name of  the method  and add  spaces before  capitals. In  the code
source,  I see that  it can  uses docstring  too but  adding one  to the
method does not have effect. I  didn't find where to change the label of
the "Call" button too.

In  fact,   it  seems  that  formless   lacks  a  tutorial   or  a  good
documentation.  There are some  examples but  not doc.  Any one  knows a
pointer about this?

Thanks !
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