[Twisted-web] Problem with web2 HTTP server + authentication

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Thu May 31 13:29:21 EDT 2007

On May 31, 2007, at 11:09 AM, Mircea Amarascu wrote:
> There are cases when PUT requests with attachments from a client  
> time out, as following:
> 1. When the client issues the first PUT request, without an  
> Authentication header, the server responds with a 401 Unauthorized  
> before receiving all the attachment (I see this in a TCP trace made  
> with ngrep). I want to ask if this is the right behavior, I saw  
> that Apache waits for the entire attachment before replying with 401.

It is allowed to do so (and is doing so on purpose). But in this  
case, I believe it should be sending a Connection: close in the  

> 2.
> The client I used sends the next PUT request right after the  
> attachment, without an \r\n separator, e.g.
> ...<closing-xml-tag>PUT /resource HTTP/1.1
> Host: ...
> Is this normal ?

Yes, that is correct. But assuming the first statement is true (the  
first response properly included a Connection: close), the client  
should not be sending a second request on the same socket at all.

> Sometimes, when the attachment is bigger, some 10KB, the second PUT  
> sent by the client (with the Authentication header present),  is  
> not entirely received by the server, which times out as it waits  
> for the entire attachment, with size = ContentLength. I've printed  
> the data received on the TCP socket, in the doRead() method of  
> twisted.internet.tcp.Connection, and I think sometimes in the  
> processing the HTTPChannel or HTTPFactory stops reading the data,  
> it close the connection for reading, or something like that.

If you can provide a minimal server that exhibits this problem and a  
packet trace of the interaction your client (or, a recipe to  
reproduce with a commonly available client), it would be helpful.


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