[Twisted-web] request.args empty when rendering PUT?

L. Daniel Burr ldanielburr at mac.com
Wed Mar 28 05:49:08 CST 2007

Hi Jarek,

On Wed, 28 Mar 2007 05:39:52 -0500, Jarek Zgoda  
<jarek.zgoda at sensisoft.com> wrote:

> I just discovered, that when using twisted.web and resource framework,
> request.args are empty when I render the PUT method. Specifically, if I
> issue http.request('PUT', path, params, headers) (http is
> httplib.HTTPConnection object) and the params is urlencoded dictionary,
> in the resource's render_PUT method I get request.args equal to {}. Is
> this intended, or should I do something to enable passing data to PUT
> method?

I've never had a problem using PUT with twisted,web; I've had one such
application running for over 2 years without a problem.

Could you please provide some more details, perhaps a snippet of how
the client-code is calling your twisted.web server?  It is most likely
something simple that is preventing your code from working as you desire.

Also, have you tried sending the PUT "by hand", i.e., using telnet to
send the PUT line-by-line, or using curl, or some other client besides


L. Daniel Burr

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