[Twisted-web] Best way to serve up XML

Dav Clark dav at securme.net
Tue Jun 26 16:32:44 EDT 2007

So, first off - I'm new to Twisted.  I've done mostly Zope & lxml +  
the standard libs for my "web" needs until I got involved in a crazy  
project that _needs_ an event loop.

My initial reaction is that there's no right answer to your question  
without more detail.  I'm just getting started, but Stan provides  
excellent facilities for loading in XML files and then composing  
them, including the ability to create templates.  I don't like  
transcoding - the easiest way to see if your code will generate the  
XML you want is if your code _is_ the XML you want.

This is probably the best place to read about this method:


These XML templates are pretty well self-documenting, and can be  
easily edited by anyone with a basic understanding of XML.

If you want to use a pure python solution, and you don't want to use  
Stan, I'd second a vote for ElementTree.  This also provides an easy  
migration path to Martjin Faasen's (sp?) blazing fast (and otherwise  
generally awesome) lxml package:


Dav Clark

> From: "Nicholas Milkovits" <nmilkovits at gmail.com>
> Subject: [Twisted-web] Best way to serve up XML

> ...what other twisted users think 1) is the most maintainable approach
> 2) what method has the most stable supporting libs and 3) is the  
> fastest. On
> average the XML documents will be small but could potentially grow  
> to a
> considerable size. Any comments or insights are appreciated.

Dav Clark

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