[Twisted-web] Ticket #2346: HTTP header generation in web2 according to RFC822

david mugnai dvd at gnx.it
Tue Jan 2 11:19:42 CST 2007

Hi all,

tekNico and I found a problem with the web2 headers generation code.

We opened the ticket #2346 with a patch to the testcase and a patch
to web2.http_headers.

We are not sure we correctly deciphered RFC 822, where it says:

quoted-string = <"> *(qtext/quoted-pair) <">
qtext =  <any CHAR excepting <">, "\" & CR, and including linear-white-space>
quoted-pair =  "\" CHAR

Should the "&" character be construed as a linguistic comma:

    qtext = qtext.replace('\r', '\\\r')

or as a logic AND?

    qtext = qtext.replace('\\\r', '\\\\\r')


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