[Twisted-web] [Nevow] childFactory being called more than once with macros

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Tue Feb 20 14:44:48 CST 2007


I'm having strange problems with childFactory and macros.

My application uses a template with the main content renderized with a 

   <n:invisible n:macro="main" />

I have a base class:

class Base(rend.rend):
   template = ... # The template to use as tha main content

   def macro_main(self, ctx):
      return loaders.xmlfile(self.template)

Every page derives from Base, and defines its template.

I do not understand why, but childFactory is called 2 times per request.
If I replace the n:macro with a n:render, childFactory is called 3 times?

Why is this happening?

What is the best solution to compose a page from a main template?

Thanks   Manlio Perillo

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