[Twisted-web] excess-transports-1938-3 fixes athena problem with IE7

Stefano Debenedetti ste at demaledetti.net
Wed Apr 18 08:26:14 CDT 2007

hallo folks,

I have an athena app that stopped working with IE7 so I did some tests and found out that you can replicate the bug:


using IE7 on the /widgets/ demo from the nevow examples:

1) start a clock
2) stop it
3) start it again
--> athena hangs for a few minutes + reloading page doesn't work (hangs indefinitely)

The problem doesn't happen with IE6 nor FF.

It doesn't happen with IE7 either when using this branch (instead of trunk or 0.9.18):


(thank you mithrandi!)

I was going to report this on the ticket page but I couldn't register.


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