[Twisted-web] Please fix the wrapping! [was: Re: Web2: What is to be Done]

Nicola Larosa nico at tekNico.net
Wed Sep 13 03:09:21 CDT 2006

glyph at divmod.com wrote:
> In particular, this is a favorite topic of discussion for pundits.  I
> have heard many times that our web server situation is why Twisted is
> not as popular as Linux, or Quake, or Ruby on Rails, or MVS, or BitchX,
> or whatever today's infrastructure flavor of the month is.  I've had to
> shrug and admit fault in the past, but now that there is a concrete list
> of tasks for you all to help out with, I sincerely hope that some of you
> will choose to do so.

We surely will. In the meantime, I have an urgent request:

*Please fix the wrapping of your emails!*

Many messages in the archives of mailing lists around Twisted and Divmod
require constant horizontal scrolling, and that's very annoying. It's been
this way for *years*, it shouldn't be that difficult to fix Quotient, or
whatever is the cause of this.

Just to be clear, I read your emails perfectly, wrapped and all, via Gmane
and Thunderbird. The point are *the archives*. There's lots of valuable
stuff in there, but: you do a Google search, find a message, and then are
confronted with the pain of horizontal scrolling. There's a good chance
many people will turn away without ever reading them.

In many years of reading mailing lists and newsgroups, the
Quotient-originated emails are *the only ones* exhibiting this problem:
that's why I think it's you that should be fixing it.

Sorry for ranting, this has been getting on my nerves for too long. :-)

Nicola Larosa - http://www.tekNico.net/

Many software developers have become hostage to the development
frameworks that they utilise. In turn, many frameworks have made
session state a fundamental building block of web development
because it permits sloppy design. -- Alan Dean, April 2006

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