[Twisted-web] fragments with child lookup

Markus Schiltknecht markus at bluegap.ch
Thu Oct 12 03:57:03 CDT 2006


L. Daniel Burr wrote:
> I'm a bit busy today, but I will respond in greater length about why I do
> not care for the "every URL segment is a template" design approach, and
> what I prefer to do instead.
> Also, thanks for actually reading up on Zope Acquisition and WSGI issues;
> I'll try to explain where I think they go wrong.

Did you find some time to explain already? I'm still curious.

My current project which started all this is almost over now. As you 
might know, I tried to do it the nevow way. And I guess I've come to the 
root of my problem: I'm more looking for a _website_ building system, 
while nevow seems to be a system to build web applications. Which is in 
no way meant to put nevow down, it just has a slightly different focus.

Another thought I've had was: most probably I could come away with just 
having the templates split up. I don't need (and as you have pointed 
out, it's probably dangerous) to split the code behind. One way to do 
that would be writing a docFactory which compiles a template from 
multiple XML fragments.

Anyway, before writing any code I'd love to hear what concepts others 
have in mind. Especially your argumentation against WSGI would be 
interesting for me.



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