[Twisted-web] Looking for help on an equity or consulting basis

Cory Dodt corydodt at gmail.com
Mon Oct 2 13:24:20 CDT 2006

You know, you could probably pay a little less for someone to thoroughly
document Nevow.  Then everyone wins.  Just a thought. :-)


On 10/1/06, Terry Jones <terry at jon.es> wrote:
> I'm finally reaching the stage where I want to build a web front end for
> the project my company is developing. I still have a strong preference for
> using Twisted, and I think it also makes sense to use Nevow/Athena.
> But...
> I'd prefer not to have to learn all the details of Nevow/Athena myself.  I
> do the occasional svn up in the Nevow trunk, and see that there is what
> looks like daily activity there, but rather few of the changes are in the
> documentation. So it looks like a lot of functionality has been added to
> Nevow, and that it's not yet documented. Thus I have the strong feeling
> that the sensible route to getting the best out of Nevow is to ask for
> help
> from someone who's familiar with the current state of the art.
> So I'm firstly wondering if there is someone who knows their way around
> Nevow and Twisted who might be interested in doing some work in exchange
> for early equity in a startup. There are various ways we might do this -
> you could put something in place and hand it off, or get more involved if
> you like the project, or simply agree to talk things through, etc.
> While I can't give details about what's being built, I can say that I'm
> working in the area of information representation / dynamics, and also
> search.  The application I'm beginning to build now relies on an
> architecture (already working) that I've already put nearly 3 years into
> thinking about and developing.  I plan a release in early 2007.
> If you're curious, I've put a few links onto http://jon.es (bio, resume,
> odds & ends) that give some information about who I am.
> If no-one is interested, my second choice would be to pay someone as a
> consultant to spend some hours in skype listening to what I'm planning to
> do, and telling me what they think is the best way to go about it. I find
> some aspects of Nevow quite mysterious, and there are undoubtedly many
> things I should understand better about Twisted. Is anyone be interested
> in
> this?
> I hope this message wont seem lazy, or be deemed inappropriate for this
> list.  My apologies if so.
> Regards,
> Terry
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