[Twisted-web] Looking for help on an equity or consulting basis

Terry Jones terry at jon.es
Sun Oct 1 20:57:46 CDT 2006

I'm finally reaching the stage where I want to build a web front end for
the project my company is developing. I still have a strong preference for
using Twisted, and I think it also makes sense to use Nevow/Athena.


I'd prefer not to have to learn all the details of Nevow/Athena myself.  I
do the occasional svn up in the Nevow trunk, and see that there is what
looks like daily activity there, but rather few of the changes are in the
documentation. So it looks like a lot of functionality has been added to
Nevow, and that it's not yet documented. Thus I have the strong feeling
that the sensible route to getting the best out of Nevow is to ask for help
from someone who's familiar with the current state of the art.

So I'm firstly wondering if there is someone who knows their way around
Nevow and Twisted who might be interested in doing some work in exchange
for early equity in a startup. There are various ways we might do this -
you could put something in place and hand it off, or get more involved if
you like the project, or simply agree to talk things through, etc.

While I can't give details about what's being built, I can say that I'm
working in the area of information representation / dynamics, and also
search.  The application I'm beginning to build now relies on an
architecture (already working) that I've already put nearly 3 years into
thinking about and developing.  I plan a release in early 2007.

If you're curious, I've put a few links onto http://jon.es (bio, resume,
odds & ends) that give some information about who I am.

If no-one is interested, my second choice would be to pay someone as a
consultant to spend some hours in skype listening to what I'm planning to
do, and telling me what they think is the best way to go about it. I find
some aspects of Nevow quite mysterious, and there are undoubtedly many
things I should understand better about Twisted. Is anyone be interested in

I hope this message wont seem lazy, or be deemed inappropriate for this
list.  My apologies if so.


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