[Twisted-web] How to insert an Athena event handler using Stan?

Phil Christensen phil at bubblehouse.org
Wed Nov 1 09:41:06 CST 2006

On Oct 31, 2006, at 3:49 PM, glyph at divmod.com wrote:
> On 07:56 pm, exarkun at divmod.com wrote:
> >How does it fail?  Can you throw together a minimal self-contained  
> example?
> >I use this in a lot of places and it works and as far as I  
> understand there
> >is no reason it shouldn't.
> Not only does it work, but we are trying to move towards that being  
> the suggested style, as it generally has superior error-handling  
> characteristics.  It would be really nice to get issues with it  
> fixed, and even if this isn't a real problem, document it as a  
> possible "gotcha" so people do not feel uneasy about taking this  
> approach.
> So.. got a unit test? :)

I'm not entirely sure how to write a formal unit test that includes  
the javascript side testing, but I've attached a minimal test case to  
a ticket at:


Basically, it appears that this might be particularly related to key  
events. My example code compares my nonstandard approach to the  
officially sanctioned version, for both text fields and buttons. It  
appears that buttons work properly, but not the text field.


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