[Twisted-web] Re: New WebDAV implementation that can run on web2

Michael Robinson fractalgfx at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 23:28:29 CDT 2006

Initially I didn't set out to write a full WebDAV implementation, it was 
just a little experiment which kept growing.  Had I been aware of 
web2.dav things might have gone differently.  (Google: "python WebDAV" 
and the first relevant to web2.dav will be on page five, and that page 
actually is about web2.dav's predecessor TwistedDAV.)

I don't know what you mean by "tighter server integration", but I have 
been concerned with the implementations of ACL, but I haven't come up 
with a specific example that would demonstrate a problem.

Even if WSGI does not provide an aqueducts interface, I am confident
that it will still be relatively easy to provide the necessary level of 

Not that it proves anything, but where are the people criticizing WebDAV 
for being unimplementable using CGI, which I believe would have the same 

David Reid wrote:
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> Michael Robinson wrote:
>> My project, NoDAV (http://nodav.python-hosting.com/), is a framework
>> for developing WebDAV applications in Python. NoDAV includes an
>> example WSGI server running on web2.
>> NoDAV is not tied to any specific web framework and should integrate
>> integrate into any HTTP1.1 framework with ~100-150 of lines of NoDAV
>> related code.
>> I don't know if advantagers there would be a major advantage to
>> implementing NoDAV directly on top of the Twisted API instead of WSGI,
>> but it would be a trivial task for anyone familiar with Twisted (which
>> I'm not).
> I have to ask, did you find something specifically or particularly
> unsuitable about the twisted.web2.dav module?  Obviously there is a
> place for a DAV server/framework not specific to Twisted (assuming you
> believe there is a place for something that isn't specific to Twisted in
> any area,) but your original post appears to indicate that this is a
> mere implementation detail.  I suspect that there may be some features
> that would be difficult if not impossible to implement without closer
> integration with the server (such as WebDAV ACLs.)
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