[Twisted-web] Mailing list for Formal

Matt Goodall matt at pollenation.net
Wed Jun 28 17:35:26 CDT 2006


I've been getting quite a few requests for help with Formal for some 
time now so I (finally!) got round to creating a mailing list for it.

It's better that help requests go to more than just me because I don't 
always get enough free time to answer questions.

I used Google Groups. I know it's not perfect but, hey, it's easy to set up.

   URL: http://groups.google.com/group/formal-nevow
   Email: formal-nevow at googlegroups.com

I haven't changed the group much from the default so anyone can view the 
group but only members can post and it's unmoderated.

If anyone has strong objections to that configuration then I'm willing 
to listen, but it seems reasonable and will hopefully avoid a bit of spam.

So, I hope to see a few members there soon (I'm going to invite a few 
people I know of to encourage things along).

Cheers, Matt

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