[Twisted-web] Re: OSS Nevow blog ?

Adrian Perez moebius.lists at gmail.com
Sun Jun 25 11:54:19 CDT 2006

On Sun, 25 Jun 2006 16:19:21 +0100
Thomas Raschbacher <lordvan at lordvan.com> wrote:

> I was wondering if you are considering making more than one storage
> backend (in particular using axiom).

The storage is an interface, and I'm coding an implementation of it
which stores data as plaintext files. Alternative implementations for
the storage should be easily pluggable when the API for the storage
system stabilizes (it's in flux at the moment).

I haven't played with Axiom yet, but I was reading those days about
SQLite performance --I was worried about that--, it may be interesting
having support for Axiom. 
> are you willing to let me have the code (yet)?

Currently I'm the only one writing code, but two friends of mine are
helping with ideas, testing, etc. We are discussing about how to make
the code publicy available. I'm pretty confident we will set-up a Bzr
repository and a space in some server for packaged snapshots soon.

I have't choose which license I will be using for Bic, but we tend to
favor the MIT/X11 license (which of course is OSS, as you surely know).

Expect more posts to the mailing list as things get done =)


P.S: Thanks for the feedback, everyone is invited to opine.

Adrian Perez
"Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want"
                                           -- (Dan Stanford)

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