[Twisted-web] Copy livepage into div?

Remi Cool mailinglists at smartology.nl
Thu Jun 22 02:50:44 CDT 2006


I have an XUL (intranet) application running from chrome and I would
like to have a (athena) livepage in an (XUL) iframe. Not a problem you
would say ... but those damn privileges prevent me from reaching the
chrome from the livepage.

A way to circumvent the privileges horror, is to load the remote html
(via xmlhttpRequests) into for example a div on a (x)html page loaded
from chrome. That works with simple pages (and scripts) ... but would it
also work with a livepage and how should I tackle this problem?

BTW: if anyone knows a method to enable all privileges for remote XUL
(without bothering the user with dialogs asking for permission etc.) ...
please let me know :-D


- Remi -

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