[Twisted-web] Re: Status of forms, potential debianization

Nicola Larosa nico at tekNico.net
Tue Feb 21 11:02:58 MST 2006

>>>> Maybe "formal"?
>>>> Or "uniform"?
>>> Or "formule", for "form mule"? :-)

> dict.org to the rescue!

Wow, "dict -S", been using dict for a while, but I had no idea... there's
Soundex and even Levenshtein in there?!?

$ dict -m -s substring form

So, what about "Formyl"? Or "Conformist"?

Nicola Larosa - http://www.tekNico.net/

Yeah! Another web framework for Python! Now we can proudly say:
Python: the only language with more web frameworks than keywords.
 -- Harald A. Massa, December 2005

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