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Samuel Reynolds sam at SpinwardStars.com
Wed Feb 8 07:32:35 MST 2006

At 2006-02-08 11:14 AM -0200, you wrote:
>How do I make my xmlrpc server a daemon?
>The code that starts the server is:
>r = rmsWebServices()
>reactor.listenTCP(7080, server.Site(r))
>What should I change?

Since you said "daemon" and not "service", you're
presumably running on an *nix box.

A daemon is, fundamentally, just a program that
doesn't exit when you do. Your friends are
nohup and '&'.

So if you start the server for testing using
then the simplest way to start it as a daemon
is this way:
    nohup myserver.py &<enter>

'&' detaches it from the current process I/O
so you can continue using the console for other
things. 'nohup' detaches it from the current
user so it keeps running after you log out.

If you start it this way from a system startup
script, you have an always-on daemon.

- Sam

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