[Twisted-web] Web2 Script.py seems to be broken

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Tue Feb 7 20:59:45 MST 2006

On Feb 7, 2006, at 4:09 AM, Todd Thomas wrote:
> I find them extemely handy personally, how else are you going add  
> resources without resorting to restarting the server? But I guess  
> depends on what you are using them for. I tend to use twisted more  
> for testing and experimenting, simpler than installing apache.  
> Unfortunately twisted-web doesnt have a wsgi implementation, I have  
> been messing around with django a bit trying to see how modular the  
> code is.

You'll notice that I said I was open to them still being supported.  
I'll take a submission of code + unit tests for it, or if not, will  
get around to implementing it someday.

I'll also note, it should be possible to use twisted.web.script from  
within a twisted.web2 server, although you won't be able to use web2  
Resources in the rpys loaded by the twisted.web.script loader. (The  
compatibility only works one way -- you can use old resources inside  
new ones, but not new ones inside old ones).

I think you might have meant this but it wasn't entirely clear so  
I'll also note that twisted.web2 does support wsgi.


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