[Twisted-web] Re: FileSaver bug

Alex Greif alex.greif at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 01:28:46 CDT 2006

Hi David,

I am a twisted newby, so I would be gald if you could present me a
sample that can handle multipart file uploads up to 100 MB size.

I searched in the archives, but found only a sample that blocked with
"while True:" or that used the stream module. As I heard the stream
module will disappear.

So please support a correct and valid sample that makes no problems.
Uploading files is essentioal on my site, so this would be a showstopper.


On 8/1/06, dreid at dreid.org <dreid at dreid.org> wrote:
> > thanks,
> > the defect is now submitted :)
> >
> > Alex.
> Alex, Hi.
> It might be worth knowing that I was going to delete FileSaver, because
> the bugs are numerous and parts of it are just outright wrong
> (readIntoFile returns a deferred but it is a very sad and lonely deferred
> that has no one waiting on it.)  Instead I plan to replace it with a
> minimal set of examples for handling form upload.  The thing you want is
> likely far simpler than FileSaver and using FileSaver will likely only
> complicate matters.  So if you'd like to ask some specific questions about
> handling file upload in web2 I'd be glad to help you move towards a
> non-FileSaver solution.
> -David
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