[Twisted-web] Twisted and WSGI...

m h sesquile at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 13:27:30 CDT 2006

Hi Folks-

I'm new to this list.  (Am beginning to think more about learning
twisted... for the third time ;) ).  I've got a question for you all
and hope that you don't take it the wrong way.  It's not meant to be
flame bait.

As WSGI is going into python 2.5, I was wondering what the general
consensus is among twisted web devs about it?  Does the WSGI model map
well into twisted's asynchronous model?  Does twisted already have
everything it needs, so WSGI doesn't bring much to the table?

It appears that as AJAX becomes more popular then the asynchronous
model might scale better with many small requests.  Say I have a WSGI
app and I want to port it to twisted.  How easy is that?  (I know
there is a twisted wsgi module)  Do I just need to wrap some logic in

Are any twisted people using WSGI?

Again, I'm just interested in hearing your constructive thoughts. 
Google didn't turn up much on the subject.



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