[Twisted-web] Status of Livepage ?

Thomas HERVE therve at free.fr
Fri Oct 21 14:09:14 MDT 2005

I was wondering what is the current status of Livepage in Nevow : for us
Livepage users, is the move to 0.5 worthy ? I don't see big improvements, maybe
on client side (server.handle is cool) and cleaner API, but I do see things

With 0.4.1 I'm stuck with Twisted 1.3, so it's problematic (Twisted.Web and
Twisted.Mail updates for examples). Will Athena (official name ?) become the
standard Livepage in 0.6, so it could be wise to wait for it ?

To be more constructive, I've identify 2 problems in the flatten process in
1) The __call__ function in livepage makes a non-exhaustive test (basestring,
stan.Tag, types.FunctionType, types.MethodType, types.UnboundMethodType), and
it's a problem for examples with lists :
    client.set("mynode", [tags.span["tes't"], tags.span["tes't"]])
2) The _jsSingleQuoteQuote function in flat.flatstan seems to operate _before_
the flattening of stan content, so doesn't quote content when it added in
    class Dummy(object): pass
    def flatter(o, res): return "Hi! I've got a quote!"
    flat.registerFlattener(flatter, Dummy)
    client.set("mynode", tags.span[Dummy()])

Thanks for your answers,


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