[Twisted-web] nevow livepage - where are my parameters (request.args) gone?

Peter Arwanitis spex66 at gmx.net
Tue Oct 18 10:18:30 MDT 2005

Hi there,

first: Thanks for nevow 0.5!
JIT :) for evaluation and integration in an ongoing project of mine.

Searching for AJAX features with python-support the "chatola" example is an
amazing eye-opener!!!

The bi-directional support is stunning! And the code is compact...

Hacking through the roughs, I have
* migrated my existing twisted.web.server to nevow.appserver stuff: DONE
(cannot have them both, cause of interface-adaption-hell)
* sucessful broadcasting from wxPython/twisted.reactor-application to
connected browsers, via send()
* ...

Problems I cannot hack:
* using nevow:render="store" and appropriate render_store() method. I'm
returning plain string WITH rendered html (from existing code) --> HOW can I
avoid the escaping of all '<' '&' and '>'??? No, it's not sure that ii is
* Problem using href-links form inside my lifepage with additional
parameters http://localhost:8080/lifesite?when=20051010 (not AJAX -> plain
Where does my parameters gone??? only things like ('livepage_client', '0',
'output') occuring?

thanks for hints
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