[Twisted-web] twisted web +nevow in development mode

Catalin Constantin catalin at bounce-software.com
Fri Oct 14 08:20:07 MDT 2005

hi there.

i am interested if there is any howto for running twisted web in a
development mode.

basically right now all my Resources are loaded on startup.
the code changes i make in my classes are not visible until i do a
restart. the restart is slow sometimes + you loose the session data.

so i was thinking if there is something like the .rpy "scripts" which
are executed on each request. or like turbogears (cherrypy) has in
dev mode, the option to reload the "modules" on each request.

or, are there any other workflows i should follow to develop a twisted
web nevow application ?

thank you for your response !

Catalin Constantin
Bounce Software

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