[Twisted-web] Problems with the back button in LivePage

Alberto Trujillo alberto.trujillo at ucd.ie
Thu Oct 13 08:00:52 MDT 2005

Mike C. Fletcher wrote:

> Alberto Trujillo wrote:
>> Hello all:
>> I have noticed that each time that I press the back button in my web 
>> browser I receive the next error:
>> Exception: SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list
>> Caused by script.alert('Exception on server: 
>> 'bf38512a0b82eafbd6fd98c17a984e4-0'')
>> I have seen that the last quotes are two simple quotes and probably 
>> that is the reason because the ) is missing, but This problem comes 
>> from inside Live Page, and I don't be able to fix it, do I?
>> I inserting the "liveid" and the "liveglue" in my template like I 
>> show you here, is this ok?
>>    < script nevow:render="liveid" />
>>    < script nevow:render="liveglue" />
> The problem has been fixed in SVN livepage by avoiding caching of the 
> page.  However, SVN livepage has an entirely different API from the 
> released version, so unless you're wanting to migrate to that API (or 
> use a backward compatibility layer such as I posted a few weeks ago) 
> you're stuck with the bug (or you could try back-porting the 
> anti-caching headers I suppose).
> Good luck,
> Mike
Thank you very much for the information. We'll see what to do about 
livepage, and in the mean time I going to have a look to that layer that 
you are talking about.

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