[Twisted-web] lightweight forms thing for use with athena ???

Paul Reznicek maillists at ivsn.com
Wed Nov 30 23:47:28 MST 2005

glyph wrote:
 > Yep.  I predict that will be happening soon - as soon as we manage to fix
 > the athena/FF15 bugs and do some more testing with IE, as well as come up with
 > *a lightweight forms thing for use with athena.*

Hi ALL Nevow/Athena designers and fans,

"lightweight forms for use with athena" is exactly what I was looking for
while I've started playing with athena yesterday!

I'm looking for a solution to replace formless.annotate.XX with a live version
of forms, whereby among other things:
- required fields labels are *bold* as long as they are empty or with wrong
   content and after leaving the input field, the label change accordingly
- value checked input's labels are *red* as long as the entered value did not
   match the allowed range of values (+ there could be a live usage hint,
   displayed only during the input has wrong/missing value)
- the fire (submit) button is disabled as long as the form is not complete
   [+ maybe change the value from _('Please fill all necessary fields')
      to _('Process') depending on form status]
- there can be more buttons with special functions, i.ex.: date manipulation
   (now | +/- day/month/year) for date entry fields and lot of others
- and of course all of this usable together with i18n part of Nevow, so that
   the messages and labels are in the user's selected language ...

Is there any kind of work on this target?
- yes: I'd like to join to share and push the efforts!
- not: Is somebody looking for the same, so it make sense to publish
        partial results of my work?


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