[Twisted-web] LivePage cannot append rows to tables?

Mike Pelletier mike at mkp.ca
Mon Nov 21 15:14:43 MST 2005

I'm at my wit's end!  Have mercy on a clueless JS user and examine the 
attached page.

The problem it illustates is one I am having with livepage.js's 
nevow_appendNode function.  I am finding that whenever I attempt to append a 
row to a table (or to a tbody, or for that matter to anything else) the HTML 
is silently stripped out and my node is added as a single #TEXT node.  
However, appending a DIV works fine, even when technically illegal; a DIV 
node containing the #TEXT is added.

The attachment includes a copy'n'pasted version of nevow_appendNode.  The only 
modification I have made to it is to add an alert() which demonstrates the 
precise point of failure; assigning "what" to "newspan.innerHTML".  Note that 
the <div> tags are unmolested, but the <tr> and <td> tags are stripped.  I 
get the same behaviour from FF and IE, while Konq just barfs with a DOM 
exception 7.

I simply don't know how to chase this one down any further.  I hope someone 
will tell me I'm a moron and point out what I've done wrong, but I think the 
solution is going to require a change to nevow_appendNode.

Thanks muchly,
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