[Twisted-web] problems with select boxes.

Alberto Trujillo alberto.trujillo at ucd.ie
Mon Nov 7 06:05:08 MST 2005

Hi everybody:

My question is the next one.
I have implement a form in stan with two select box. The first one is full of datas 
(select1), and the second one is empty(select2). Also I have two 
buttons, one to transfer datas from select1 to select2 (button1) and the 
other to do the opposite.

Until now I only can get the value of the item which is selected, but I don't know how to get the text.
This is what I'm doing.

    /T.input(name="button1", value="+", type="button",
    onclick=livepage.server.handle("addItem", /
    /livepage.get("select1").value, livepage.get("select1").text)/


    /def handle_addItem(self,ctx, value, text):/
    /  print "value: %s text: %s" % (value, text)/
    /  yield livepage.set("select2", value, text)/

I only can see the value with the print function, because text is undefined.
How can I get the text, and how can add this values after in the select2?

I'm running Nevow 0.5.

Thanks in advance.

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