[Twisted-web] HTTP client TODOs

dreid at dreid.org dreid at dreid.org
Fri Nov 4 09:39:35 MST 2005

Ok, time to clear things up about the web2-client.  Do not count on
branches/dreid/web2-client/ It isn't going to be maintained.  Why? Because
it is full of kludges, doesn't even do http/1.1 properly and is known to
break intermittently.  dreid/web2-client was created for my employer, it
works in the confines of what we're doing, which isn't very much http, but
we still needed something that worked differently than twisted.web.client.
 So in all likely hood dreid/web2-client will NOT be touched again, that
probably includes bug fixes.  Discussion is underway to build a true
http/1.1 client that supports all the pipelining and stuff of http/1.1 but
no code has been written for it.  So the TODO for a twisted.web2 client?

 * Design one.
 * Write one.

  I feel iffy about that fix, but I've always felt iffy about the way it
creates a new request object.  I'll let foom comment on the changes made
to stream.  And the AlreadyCalled exception is a known bug, we've
encountered it maybe twice at work, in the 3 or so months that we've
been using the branch of the branch.  I haven't been able to reproduce
it reliably enough to fix it.  As for cookies, there is very rudimentary
support in my employers branch of the code.  All it does is add the
appropriate outgoing header to the factories headers when it recieves a
Set-Cookie header.  Which I know is quite wrong because it sends the
cookie to everything served by that host which could possibly be more
than one domain.  So yes, dreid/web2-client ... not my best work, it's a
lot of kludges I'm sorry for inflicting this upon you, I'm even more
sorry that I have to tell you that it's not going to go anywhere, and
backwards compatibility isn't going to happen.


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