[Twisted-web] livepage connection "timing out"/dying randomly

Robby Dermody robbyd at u20.org
Tue Nov 1 22:38:47 MST 2005

James Y Knight wrote:
> On Oct 27, 2005, at 1:50 PM, Robby Dermody wrote:
>> I seem to have a problem with client browsers to my guarded  livepage 
>> application loosing their livepage connections. It seems  that the 
>> guard session doesn’t expire, but the livepage system on  the server 
>> side seems like it will loose track of the client’s  nevow handle. 
>> This is under the Nevow 0.5.0 release, and it happens  under both IE 
>> 6.0.x and Firefox 1.0.x.
> I believe both livepage and athena currently have broken reconnect  
> support, so if the server->client socket closes unexpectedly for  
> whatever reason (the most common reason is you have an HTTP proxy  with 
> a timeout of a small number of seconds), the client will attempt  to 
> reconnect to the same livepage session with the same client id (as  it 
> should), but the server doesn't accept the reconnect attempt and  throws 
> an error.
> James

Hi James,

It seems to be that way. The connection I was browsing the page through 
was being port-forwarded through a PIX firewall. I've gone through the 
VPN (an alternative route that doesn't hit the firewall) and haven't run 
into a timeout issue so far.

Any idea if there's a fix in the works, or if there is anything that I 
can do? At the very least, it's good to know that the issue is known. 
Thanks for the insight!


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