[Twisted-web] Re: NamedAnyError

Matt Goodall matt at pollenation.net
Tue May 10 07:01:42 MDT 2005

Paul Moore wrote:

>Paul Moore <pf_moore at ...> writes:
>>Given that stackless is non-standard, can these warnings be
>>suppressed unless stackless is present? (When they presumably won't
>>be generated anyway!)
>I think the attached patch does the right thing (if it didn't get mangled by 
>the web interface I'm using :-() Obviously (!) I can't test it with stackless, 
>as I don't have that...
Hi Paul,

Firstly, thanks for the stackless patch. I have a "cleanup" Nevow branch
where I have started removing the deprecated bits; I'll commit this
patch on that branch. I'm also using the branch to remove redundant
imports and, in a few places, adding required imports :-/.

The URL for the branch is svn://divmod.org/svn/Nevow/branches/cleanup.

I think there's probably another evening of work before I can merge the
branch to trunk but any feedback/patches would be much appreciated.

If you have any other patches or comments could you add them to the
Nevow tracker (http://divmod.org/users/roundup.twistd/nevow/) with
"[cleanup]" in the Title so I can review and commit them. Thanks a lot.

>Oh, and by the way - nevow.url.URLPath doesn't exist (also referenced in the 
>list of flatteners in __init__.py). I don't know what replaces it' so I can't 
>include that in my patch.
URLPath has already been removed on the branch I mention above.

Cheers, Matt

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