[Twisted-web] Weird issue with formless and Firefox/Mozilla

Dave Cook daverz at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 15:05:46 MST 2005

Short story: bizarre problem with a corrupted popdown list in Firefox
and Mozilla on unix systems.

I'm trying to render some unicode strings in a popdown, basing my code
on the formpost2.py example in nevow 0.4.1:

class IMyForm(annotate.TypedInterface):

    def composer(self,
                                            label="Choose a composer",
    composer = annotate.autocallable(composer)

The full code is here:


This seems to work great.  Well, at least the unicode strings seem to
roundtrip from the server to the browser, and there aren't any
encoding tracebacks.

That is, it works great in Safari, Konqueror, IE6, and win32 Firefox,
but with Firefox (1.0.2) on OS X and Linux and Mozilla (1.7.6) on
Linux the popdown gets corrupted and clicking on the popdown button is
not effective, you have to click to the left of the button to popdown
the menu, and the menu is misaligned.  The scrollbar in the dropdown
list even disappears on Linux.

Unless my code is doing something nasty, I'm guessing this is a
Firefox bug.  So the next question is, how do I report a bug like
this?  Will they take a nevow script as a test case?

Dave Cook

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