[Twisted-web] Authenticating users and refering them to personal URLs based on the authentication result.

Tommi Virtanen tv at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Mar 24 12:22:23 MST 2005

Xif wrote:
> 1) to authenticate users (from a form with a "username" and a
> "password" field) based on data stored in a database.

nevow.guard, twisted.cred

> 2) after authentication is performed, the user is sent to a URL  based
> on some of the data from the database. For example, if the database
> query revealed him to be named "John Smith", he shall be refered to
> http://appserver.com/JohnDoe. Subsequently, he should remain at this
> URL, and all links should refer to addresses "below" his personal
> address. For example, http://appserver.com/JohnDoe/configuration,
> http://appserver.com/JohnDoe/mail, etc.

Make the Realm return url.here.child(avatarID) to redirect to the

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