[Twisted-web] Pastebin behind a ReverseProxyResource

Jason Mobarak jason.mobarak at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 12:29:34 MST 2005

Hi --

I'm trying to set up the pastebin example from Nevow SVN behind a
ReverseProxyResource. I have the following tac file [1] setting
everything up. The doc strings for VHostMonsterResource state that the
paths on the main site and the proxy site should be the same. For
example something like "http://foo.com/bar" would be written to
"http://foo.com:8080/bar", however everything seems to be rewritten
incorrectly. You can see how everything comes up here [2].

1: http://deadbeefbabe.org/dbb.tac.txt
2: http://deadbeefbabe.org/paste


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