[Twisted-web] nevow:attr problem and patch

Joe Halliwell joe.halliwell at gmail.com
Sun Mar 13 13:12:14 MST 2005

I recently encountered a problem with the following XML snippet:

<input type="checkbox" n:data="m_friend" n:render="if">
  <n:attr name="checked">true</n:attr>

where the page defines:

def render_if(self, ctx, data):
   if data:
       return self.tag
       return self.tag.clear()

The problem is that due to the way nevow:attr is parsed the <input> ends
up with an unwanted checked attribute.

One way to fix this is to clear Tag valued attributes when a tag is
clear()'d. The type test in the following patch is possibly a bit too
hacky, but I'm hoping someone will be able to improve on it :)


Index: stan.py
--- stan.py     (revision 1346)
+++ stan.py     (working copy)
@@ -352,6 +352,9 @@
         """Clear any existing children from this tag.
         self._specials = {}
+        for (a,v) in self.attributes.items():
+            if type(v)!=unicode:
+                del self.attributes[a]
         self.children = []
         return self

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