[Twisted-web] Re: Twisted-web Digest, Vol 15, Issue 20

Dave Gray dgray at omniti.com
Tue Jun 28 10:10:20 MDT 2005

Oh hi there, I missed this reply.

Richard Meraz wrote:
> Thanks Dave: very clear and easy to follow answer and example code.  I
> definitely appreciate your time.
> Final question.  Is there a convenient way to put an upper-bound on
> how long twisted.web.client.getPage is allowed to complete its work. I
> know twisted.web.client.getPage takes a timeout parameter, but this
> seems more like a socket timeout which won't kill for example a
> getPage waiting on a low-bandwidth server (is my understanding
> correct?)
>  For example, if I'm using the asyncore.py framework to mange IO i can
> use the channel.timestamp attribute to examine how long things have
> been going in order to kill long-running IO in a polling loop.  Of
> course with asyncore I can manage my own polling loop which I can't
> see an easy way to do using reactor() (someone care to comment on that
> since I'm probably missing something).

It looks to me like it should timeout on a slow download - is it not 
doing that?

Check out HTTPPageGetter.timeout and HTTPClientFactory.buildProtocol 
(which sets up the timeout calls) in twisted/web/client.py

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