[Twisted-web] nevow tutorial - no attribute 'htmlfile' ?

abulka at netspace.net.au abulka at netspace.net.au
Thu Jun 16 19:06:13 MDT 2005

Quoting Sridhar Ratna <sridharinfinity at gmail.com>:
> Try the updated tutorial http://divmod.org/users/mg/nevow-doc/

Ok - thanks.  I tried the hello world example with the latest trunk nevow from
svn.  I had to find my own helloworld.html xhtml document.  The app ran and
displayed my html ok, but appended an error as follows:

C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\Nevow\nevow\flat\twist.py, line 32 in drive
30                deferred.addCallback(cb).addErrback(eb)
31        except StopIteration:
32            finished.callback('')
finished <nevow.util.Deferred object at 0x0104F2D0> 
exceptions.AttributeError: 'Deferred' object has no attribute 'callback'

Is this normal?

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