[Twisted-web] Where is freeform, renderer, and formless

Alberto Trujillo visceras at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 9 03:22:09 MDT 2005


I have problems with all the examples that I have found about Webform, even 
with the example that is in the tutorial.
This is the most complete example that I've found:
from twisted.application import service
from twisted.application import internet

from nevow import appserver
from nevow import renderer
from nevow import tags
from nevow import formless
from nevow import freeform

class IMyForm(formless.TypedInterface):
    foo = formless.Integer()

class FormPage(renderer.Renderer):
    __implements__ = IMyForm, renderer.Renderer.__implements__

    foo = 5

    document = tags.html[
        "Hello! Here is a form:",

application = service.Application("formpost")

But still I see the same problems each time that I try to execute the 

- cannot import name renderer (why he is not using rend?)
- cannot import name freeform
- cannot import name formless

I running Nevow 0.3.0, because when I try to install Nevow 0.4.1 I received 
the next message:

- error: invalid Python installation: unable to open 
/usr/lib/python2.3/config/Makefile (No such file or directory)

Could anybody give me the solutions to these problems.
Thank you very much

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