[Twisted-web] re: nufox | please omit using of _ (= underscore), it's gettext function and identifier

Paul Reznicek maillists at ivsn.com
Wed Jul 27 08:18:12 MDT 2005

Hi Timothy,
thank you for posting your code, although I've no time to test it
at the moment, I believe, it's very good idea behind.
Only one comment:
  PLEASE DON'T USE  _ (= underscore)   as a class name (or anything else)
This function name is used by convention for i18n translation, not only
within Nevow, also by gettext (For the usage, please see Nevow's examples
of i18n.)
All automation tools (known by me) use the syntax
  print _('Some text for localization')
for identifying and extracting translatable texts  into *.po files.
Python's gettext bindings and Nevow's i18n works fine with this too.


Timothy Stebbing wrote:
> oops, I guess an URL is customary..
> http://trac.nunatak.com.au/projects/nufox

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