[Twisted-web] livepage.glue and Componentized

Mike Pelletier mike at mkp.ca
Mon Jul 25 07:50:44 MDT 2005

On Sun July 24 2005 20:48, Christopher Armstrong wrote:
> I'm not sure *exactly* why you got this infinite recursion thing

I think I forgot to mention that it happens while attempting to render 
livepage.glue, if that helps any

> I can tell you that I find it extremely bizarre that you were trying
> to make the resource an adapter of your application.

Thank you.

> Application 
> objects aren't really meant to have more adapters or components added
> to them in regular application code. Where did you get that idea, or
> what were you trying to accomplish with it?

The application (by which I mean the thing I'm working on, not the application 
pseudoclass) was already designed as a collection of components.  I find it 
terribly convenient to be able to mix and match implementations as needed.  
If I was building an application based on a componentized design, why would I 
not just use the Componentized instance that every application must have 
anyway?  Do you really think it would make any difference if I had 
instantiated my own?  (I'll give it a shot this evening, but it's really just 
more voodoo...)


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