[Twisted-web] livepage.glue and Componentized

Mike Pelletier mike at mkp.ca
Sun Jul 24 13:56:36 MDT 2005

Hi there, helpful Nevow hackers.

I just tried to convert a rend.Page-derived class into a livepage.LivePage 
one.  My first attempt resulted in an infinite recursion.  I managed to spaz 
around until I eventually found what I had to change to fix this, but I don't 
understand why my fix worked.

It seems that if my LivePage object is a component of the application, and I 
specify either the component or the application as the root page, I get the 
infinite recursion when rendering the page.  But if my LivePage object merely 
Adapts the application in a non-persistent manner, it works fine.  Please see 
the attachment for clarification.  (Hopefully I haven't reduced it beyond 
making sense.)

Was I attempting to use something in an unsupported or undefined manner, or 
should it have worked the way I thought it would?

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