[Twisted-web] Re: Introduction, newbie confusion plus an offer

lloyd at paisite.com lloyd at paisite.com
Tue Jul 12 11:30:25 MDT 2005

Hi Tommi,

>> 1) Work through current documentation, asking questions about things
>> that
>> confuse me and providing the answers/clarifications as a rewrite of
>> current documentation
> I suggest you start with this, using the roundup issue tracking system
> to submit documentation bugs (the mailing list archives have a good list
> of things you should include in the report, IIRC by Mary)

I don't know about the roundup issue tracking system. I'll look into it.

Are you suggesting that I comb the archives and consolidate all reported
documentation errors? I have gone through the archives, but this feels
like a very big project. If enough folks thought it would be a worthy and
pressing contribution I suppose I could take it on. But I'd kind of like
to be learning some hands-on Twisted as I go.

What do you mean "IIRC by Mary?"

>> 2) Develop totally parallel documents
> I feel most of the efforts that have gone this way have ended up dying
> quietly with nothing much achieved, and more to the point, with no value
> gained by the Twisted or Nevow projects.

I can see the problem. I have started a parallel document:
http://twisted.paisite.com. It's a first baby step, but I'd certainly not
like to see it die on the vine. Feedback and "next-step"
suggestions/contributions would certainly help me keep up the momentum.

>> 1) Submit my questions to the mail-list. Consolidate and re-write
>> responses. Submit suggested "patches" to current documention.
> Yes please.

I can do this. I'm not sure that I'm knowledgable enough yet to suggest
rewrites. But I've got questions aplenty.

>> 2) Start a new document on my site or one of the Twisted sites. Write
>> what
>> I understand with questions about what I don't. Invite clarifications
>> through the mail-list.
> That might work too, but please try to get it integrated into twisted
> early (being a draft is no reason not to be part of the project), and
> make sure people on the mailing lists see your open questions.

See above. If Techno's Adventures prove useful to the Twisted community,
I'd be more than honored to have them integrated into the project.

> Thank you very much for your efforts. (Thank you even more if something
> real comes out of this ;)

And thank you for your thoughtful response. I've taken a first small step
with Techno's Adventures. And hope to add experiments as I myself learn
more over the coming days and weeks. I will indeed look into this "roundup
issue tracking system" you mentioned.

Best wishes,


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