[Twisted-web] Use WubWubWub

Tommi Virtanen tv at twistedmatrix.com
Tue Jul 12 05:06:28 MDT 2005

lloyd at paisite.com wrote:
> -- entered "mktap web --path ~/twisted/www --logfile ~/twisted/www --port
> 8080" into the command line
> -- entered "twistd -f web.tap" into command line

Oh, it's time for me to do this thing again.

  If you aren't writing an application, but just want to run a website
  If you want to host multiple applications
  You want a thing that actually serves on port 80, and not just some
  silly only for five minutes while you test something
  you are using Debian
  you are willing to work on porting it

You should probably use WubWubWub. Think of it as "the apache-like
thingy for twisted and nevow things".


No pre-built debs, svn co and build yourself.
Will get uploaded to Debian after minor refactoring, some day.

Of course, this thing _will_ probably increase your learning curve by a
bit, so I'm not suggesting all newbies do this -- I'm suggesting this
thing more for "real use".

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