[Twisted-web] how are solving the calls to the children in nevow?

Matt Goodall matt at pollenation.net
Fri Jul 8 08:26:43 MDT 2005

Kieran Holland wrote:


> Nice case point demonstrating what I was getting at in the appendix of
> my introduction to Stan.  Had that been said in IRC (as I am sure it
> has been, many times) then it would be lost and gone forever - here it
> is Googlable and provides most of what one would need to write a good
> overview of URL traversal ;)

I know, I know! You're comment in the stan doc shamed me into spending 
time to properly, and hopefully fully, answer the question. ;-)

> It lead me to wonder further about IRC.  Imagine if python development
> was discussed in #python.dev...actually, don't, it hurts.  So what are
> the appeals of IRC?
> It is instantaneous.  Yes, but often the time saving is an illusion. 
> The same problems occur over and over again, even for the same person,
> who forgot the answer they got last time...
> It can be exclusive.  But the twisted.web developers don't seem like
> an exclusive bunch - quite the opposite, on the whole.
> It is social.  It is true that IRC feels more like a conversation, and
> sarcasm is a little more apparent, but on the other hand you tend to
> miss out on the more considered quips... I certainly don't think that
> a mailing list precludes development from being a social activity.
> It is forgotten.  You can say what you like and it will tend not to
> haunt you down the line.  Well, this is a plus for those, such as
> myself, prone to putting their foot in their mouth ;)
> Pastebins may be Cool, but isn't it actually easier to just "paste"
> into an email?  Valuable code fragments should not be consigned to a
> bin!
> It seems to me that IRC is fine for a developer-only piece of
> software, where everyone who uses it hangs out there, but it becomes
> counter-productive if you want to extend the user base.  Isn't that
> what we all want for Nevow?
> I would be interested to hear other people's thoughts on this.

I basically agree.

IRC has the distinct advantage of being quicker and more interactive. I 
find email can take a lot longer to answer because I am much more 
careful about what I write. That means I don't always pay as much 
attention to the mailing list as I should.

Actually, I'm being a bit unfair on myself. I often read an email and 
deliberately leave it unread with the intention of answering it later, 
when I have more time. Currently, I have 52 unread messages in my 
Twisted folder so it's obviously not a strategy that works well.

What we really need is a Twisted app that intergrates all the services 
that a distributed development team would ever needs. Anyone fancy 
writing it over the weekend? ;-)

Cheers, Matt

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