[Twisted-web] Nested templates?

weeti weeti at usr.fi
Thu Jul 7 14:04:08 MDT 2005

Hi, what do you mean by nested templates, if I have understood it  
correctly you need a way to have a single renderer rendering another  
template inside it? and am i correct that you are using nevow?

if so, i use like this

<n:invisible n:render="page"/>

def render_page(self, ctx, data):

dunno if this is what you asked for.

On 07/07/05 19:22:26, Alberto Trujillo wrote:
> There is any way to use nested templates without mix the python code  
> with the html code.
> I know, that I could solve this problem using Stan, or just writing  
> html code inside the python file and after display what I want.
> But that are exactly the option that I can't use. I have to nest the  
> template keeping the html code and the python code in different file.
> If some body can give a example, a tutorial, a address, o something  
> that can help me, I'll be very pleasant.
> Thank you very much
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