[Twisted-web] Introduction, newbie confusion plus an offer

Uwe (Peter) Feldtmann uwe at microshare.com.au
Thu Jul 7 05:04:37 MDT 2005

Thank you. My confusion came from being on the twisted and nevow lists.

Should we discuss nevow here or on divmod?

Matt Goodall wrote:
> Uwe (Peter) Feldtmann wrote:
>> Can someone tell me where Nevow starts and where Twisted ends?  I 
>> think Nevow needs Twisted but where is the development source held? Is 
>> it at nevow.com divmod.org or in the Twisted source tree?
> Nevow code is at divmod.org. Twisted code is at twistedmatrix.com.
> Strictly speaking, Nevow doesn't need Twisted or rather, Nevow should be 
> able to function without Twisted. However, there are twisted imports and 
> a few Twisted-specific bits of code in Nevow.
> To be honest, I'm not sure if anyone is that interested in *completely* 
> separating Nevow from Twisted. You can use Nevow outside of a Twisted 
> event loop anyway.
> Note that some of the Nevow concepts are moving back into twisted.web2. 
> At some point Nevow will start using t.web2 and, hopefully, we'll be 
> able to remove (with backwards compatability) module from Nevow and rely 
> on the t.web2 equivalents.
> Hope that helps.
> - Matt
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Ed Suominen wrote:
>>> Lloyd, as a fairly experienced Nevow user who has gone through the same
>>> frustrations, I'll gladly help to the extent what you're writing about
>>> applies to Nevow. I understand that Twisted.web2 is more like Nevow than
>>> Twisted.web, so that may make sense. (Actually, you may want to use
>>> Nevow -- check it out at http://nevow.org/.)
>>> Contact me directly if interested. Also, don't forget the #twisted.web
>>> channel on the Freenode IRC server, which is an excellent real-time
>>> resource that has helped me a great deal with questions.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Ed Suominen
>>> On Wed, 2005-07-06 at 14:33 -0400, lloyd at paisite.com wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I'm Lloyd, I'm baffled, and I'd like to offer my modest talents to help
>>>> others like me come up to speed with Twisted.web in record time.
>>>> I've been looking for a way to bring a large ColdFusion application 
>>>> over
>>>> to Python. Twisted.web looks to offer all that I could wish for and 
>>>> more.
>>>> The work to date is awe-inspiring. But... the documentation,
>>>> well-intentioned as it is, and much more ample than in many Open Source
>>>> projects, truly baffles me.
>>>> I'm first to admit my limitations: I'm still in the early learning 
>>>> stages
>>>> of Python; I understand OO conceptually, but have little experience
>>>> writing or reading OO code; and, approaching the golden years, 
>>>> undoubtably
>>>> have far fewer functioning neurons than most of the subscribers to this
>>>> list, much less the brilliant young turks who have created the Twisted
>>>> framework.
>>>> But, browsing through the archives, it's clear that I am not alone 
>>>> in my
>>>> confusion.
>>>> So, I'd like to make a proposal:
>>>> I have many years of writing and editing experience. Back in the 
>>>> days when
>>>> personal computers were still connected to audio cassette recorders, 
>>>> and I
>>>> was as excited but unenlightened about PCs as I am now about Twisted, I
>>>> contributed three well-received articles to Personal Computing magazine
>>>> under the name Techo Turkey. These helped readers hook up IBM Selectric
>>>> Terminals to their new PCs, create a computer-controlled haunted 
>>>> house for
>>>> Halloween, and set up a computer-controlled home security system.
>>>> I would like now to offer to write some supplementary documentation for
>>>> Twisted.web aimed at turkeys like me -- the really really basic 
>>>> stuff plus
>>>> sure-to-work examples that can bring even Mickey-the-Dunce to 
>>>> sufficient
>>>> level of understanding that he can participate creatively in the 
>>>> Twisted
>>>> community.
>>>> The catch: I need knowledgeable folks willing to answer my many many
>>>> stupid questions like, once you've installed Twisted from, say, Debian,
>>>> where should what files go and how should permissions be defined?
>>>> Undoubtably these generous mentors would also need to critique my 
>>>> newbie
>>>> code and perhaps, even, submit examples of their own. Who know, 
>>>> maybe we
>>>> could even get a book out of it.
>>>> Any takers?
>>>> Best wishes,
>>>> Lloyd
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